Materials & sizes


I like to use different types of yarn, and, if possible, organic yarn. I love to shop yarn when I travel and I can spend hours in a yarn shop. In my patterns you will find information about the yarn I have used, and I use Ravelry´s information about thickness, so you can always find alternatives to the yarn I have used.

I save all kinds of scrap yarn, even the shortest bits of threads, to use in later projects. The shortest ones I save in a bag to use as filling in for example Christmas decorations. The longer ones are used to knit or crochet scrap yarn clothes or other items.

Other materials

I don´t have the heart to throw away anything handmade, so I save up to make cushions, afghans, clothes and pots. I have more ideas than time (I guess that goes for all of us) but I will share patterns as soon as I finish projects.


Here are charts for the sizes I use.


Babystørrelser for tredje gang


Barnestørrelser for fjerde gang



Hodestørrelser for tredje gang


Damestørrelser for tredje gang


Herrestørrelser for tredje gang