Pattern number 72, knitted men´s vest with stripes

Is published today, I´m on a roll! Last year was slow, and I had little energy to work on and with the website but this year is already better. In 2018 I have released five new patterns, all knitting patterns as I have more or less given up crocheting (not completely but for now because […]

New pattern today, pattern number 70

It´s still winter here even though it should have been spring, at least some signs of spring. I´m hoping that spring will come soon, and as I dreamt of it during this winter I made a new pattern. This is a short sleeved knitted sweater, or a knitted T-shirt if you prefer to call it […]

Knitted and felted butt cushion or seat pad

  I always save my scrap yarn. I separate beween yarn I know felt and yarn that don´t felt. This winter I had a lot of wool and alpaca yarn and no projects going so I knitted three seat pads (or butt cushions). When I make one of these I cast on 100 stitches on […]

New pattern today, pattern number 71

And this time it is a new lace scarf. I love lace almost as much as I love cables, so here is the third (or fourth?) knitted lace scarf on the site. I use scarfs or shawls every day during winter, and this year the winter seems to go on forever, so a new scarf […]

New pattern, number 66

 Today I finally published my poncho-sweater. This is knitted in Lace-yarn and it´s soft and warm to wear. There are two sizes for the shoulders, one is from X-small to medium, one from large to XXX-large and since it is a poncho you can knit it as big or small as you like. Enjoy!

New pattern!

  After a too long break from almost everything that has to do with this website, I´m back! I just published a new pattern, a blanket with hearts, and I´m happy with the result. I hope you like it too 🙂 I have around ten patterns almost ready to be published, I just needed a […]

Patterns summer 2017

Summer 2017 (from June 21) I will be on a road trip in the US. I´ll log on Internet and check this page every time I have access to Internet. It might be some hours between every time I get the chance, I hope you´ll forgive me! Have a great summer!

68. Knitted quilt

I´ve had so much fun making this quilt! I made it from scrap yarn, I had a lot of one type of yarn (in Sport) and I just added a few colors to make it bright and colorful. I also used some DK-yarn. You can knit the patterns on, while knitting the patches, or sew […]

Safety on this website

This week someone shared my pattern number 60. Knitted and felted slippers somewhere. I don´t know where, and I have not been able to follow the discussion concerning the pattern. But a very kind person sent me an e-mail to tell me that people are concerned about the safety on my website. It´s an open […]

No knitting this week

My neck is giving me trouble, and it has been a month now. Normally when my neck is unhappy with me, it takes a few days to get it more or less OK again but this time it has taken almost a month and it´s still painful and stiff. Bah 🙁 I haven´t been able […]